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Our Vision and Mission Statement


Our vision is to see motivated staff, parents and students striving for excellence in all aspects of school life; and to create a happy and united school that serves its community. 


We will endeavour to provide a stimulating, well-ordered, happy and caring environment within which all students can realise their full potential, socially, culturally, physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.


  • To prepare our students to be upstanding members of society by enlarging their knowledge-base and skill-set.

  • To provide a balanced and up-to-date school programme in which students are taught in a stimulating and caring environment.

  • To provide a neat, tidy and well-resourced school facility which aids all school activities.

  • To create a school environment in which all students are treated equally, despite their cultural, religious or social background.

  • To foster social awareness and encourage our students to give back to the community.

  • To encourage students and staff to strive for excellence in all school activities.

  • To teach students to make responsible choices.

  • To encourage mutual respect, truthfulness, loyalty, honour, sincerity and consideration for others. 

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