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Faculty and Staff

Mr R. Abrahams, Principal
Mrs V. Hendricks, Intersen Phase Department Head

Mrs A. Pettenuzzo, Foundation Phase Department Head

Grade R 
Ms J. Fermor, teacher
Ms J. Erasmus, teacher
Ms R. Ulrich, teaching assistant 
Ms M. Garcia, teaching assistant 
Grade 1 
Ms M. Crous 
Ms M. Alberts 
Grade 2
Ms C. Muller 
Ms M. Jones
Grade 3
Mrs M. Hugo

Mrs A. Pettenuzzo
Grade 4
Mrs J. Rees
Ms S. Rose 
Grade 5
Mrs J. Hoffman 
Ms I. Hendricks

Grade 6
Mrs L. Ross 
Ms J. Engelbrecht
Grade 7
Mrs V. Hendricks
Mr P. Crossley

Specialist Teachers 
Mr JP Steyn, music 
Mr S.
Stoffels, drama

Ms M. Morgan-Chisholm, computers and IT
Mrs N. Hobbs, physical education
Mrs G. Schwenk, librarian 
Ms. T. Mentoor, counselor
Ms E. du Toit, learning support

Mrs L. Goff, finance and PA to the Principal 
Ms C. Mongale, administrative assistant 
Mrs S. February, administrative assistant

Ms R. Ulrich, coordinator (interim) 
Ms M. Garces, aftercare assistant
Ms S. Brink, aftercare assistant
Ms C. Mongale, aftercare assistant  
Ms G. Grauso, aftercare assistant 

Ms J. Hendricks, manager 
Mr E. Hare, grounds staff
Mr N. Allie, grounds staff 
Mr N. Moyo, grounds staff

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