Aftercare Facility

Aftercare caters for students attending TKPS from Grades R - 7. Organised homework sessions are supervised. 

If you would like to enrol your child in aftercare, please complete the application form below and return this to the Aftercare Facilitator.  


Fees are paid in advance and are due by the seventh of each month. Aftercare fees may be added to your school fees. To facilitate regular and timeous payment, we request that you please complete the debit order form below and return it to the school office.

Full Day

Grade R - 2        R670.30 per month x 11 = R7 373.30 pa

Grade 3 - 7         R529.20 per month x 11 = R5 821.20 pa 

Half Day

Grade R - 2         R294 per month x 11 = R3 234.00

(Reserved for Grade R to 2 learners waiting for older siblings and only until 15:00pm)

Casual Rate

R80 per day

For cancellation, please provide one calendar-month's notice.

Collection of Children

Aftercare closes promptly at 17:30pm. Beyond this, parents will be given a 10min grace period to collect their children, after which a spot fine of R50 will be charged. If your child has not been collected by 18:00pm, a further R75 will be billed; after 18:30pm R100 per half hour or part thereof will be charged. By law, if your child has not been collected by 18:30pm, the school is required to drop your child at the nearest police station. Further to this, R5 will be charged for every call made to contact the parent after 17:40pm. Parents who are continually late may be asked to remove their child from aftercare. 


The Aftercare Centre is not open during school and public holidays. 

The Aftercare Centre does not provide lunch; please pack sufficient and nutritious food for your child. 

Please do not send your child to aftercare if he/she is ill. 

Even though every precaution is taken to prevent injury, the Aftercare Centre and TKPS are not liable for any of these injuries. 

If your child requires medication, please inform the Aftercare Facilitator and specify how and when the medication must be taken.

For more information, please download the 'Aftercare Info Pack' below. 

Contact Information

Aftercare Facilitator:     Kim Whatley

Contact number before 13:00pm:          Tel: 021 423 6338

Contact number after 13:00pm:             Tel: 021 423 6338 (option 4)

Additional contact number:                    Cell: 072 463 3053