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Aftercare caters for students attending TKPS from Grades R - 7.


If you would like to enrol your child for aftercare, please contact the aftercare administrator. 


Kindly note:

  • a completed application form does not mean that your child has been accepted into aftercare, kindly wait for confirmation from the aftercare facilitator. ​

  • You are required to enrol your child(ren) into aftercare each year. In other words, acceptance into the aftercare programme this year does not mean automatic acceptance for the following year. 


Fees are paid in advance and are due by the seventh of each month. Aftercare fees may be added to your school fees. To facilitate regular and timeous payment, we request that you please complete the debit order form below and return it to the school office.


Full Day

Grade R - 2     R798 per month x 11 = R8 778 per year

Grade 3 - 7     R630 per month x 11 = R6 930 per year

Half Day (strictly until 3pm)

Grade R - 2         R350 per month x 11 = R3 850 per year

Casual Daily Rate (cash only)

R80 per day

Contact Information

Aftercare Facilitator: Rose Ulrich


Contact number before 13:00pm:          Tel: 021 423 6338

Contact number after 13:00pm:             Tel: 021 423 6338 (option 4)

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