Covid-19: Important Info


Our school is open (as of 11 August 2020) and our grades were phased in as follows:

Grades R, 6 and 7: 11 August 2020 (yellow group)

Grades 1, 2 and 3: 17 August 2020 (blue group)

Grades 4 and 5: 24 August 2020 (yellow group)

Please note: 

  • These dates deviate from the return dates gazetted by the Department of Education but have been approved by the WCED. 

  • To adhere to social distancing restrictions, we are still running at 50% capacity - see class split list section below.

Strict hygiene and safety protocols have been implemented to help keep our learners and staff safe. Parents, please read our Covid-19 Operational Plan (COP) below for more information on how the school will operate under the current regulations. Please note that this is a working doc and will be updated regularly; changes and/or new information will be communicated via the D6 Communicator, Class Dojo, and the school website. Kindly consult these channels regularly to ensure that you are working from the latest version.

Last updated on 3 July 2020. See most recent version below. 


Visit the SA Department of Health's website for Covid-19 updates:



Parents/guardians who do not wish to send their children to school for the foreseeable future must apply to the Head of Department for exemption. The following options are available: 


Option 1: Application to exempt a learner with comorbidities, temporarily from compulsory school attendance. 

Option 2: Application to exempt a learner without comorbidities temporarily form compulsory school attendance. 

Option 3: Deregistration of a learner and application for Home Education (the learner will no longer be affiliated to or receive support from TKPS). If you select this option, please notify the school via email and the relevant forms will be sent to you. 


  • WCED Guideline 1(a) - read this for guidance on how to manage these three options and complete the relevant forms.

  • Annexure B(1) - complete this if you want to apply for exemption of a learner due to a comorbidity. 

  • Annexure B(2) - complete this if you want to apply for exemption of a learner without comorbidities. 

  • Annexure C - this parent acceptance form must be completed and attached to either application.


In other words, a completed application must consist of Annexure B(1) or B(2) AND Annexure C.



  • Completed applications must be sent to both the WCED (see Guideline 1(a)) and Tamboerskloof Primary School. 

  • If your child is registered at TKPS, your school fees remain payable. Teachers are working tirelessly to digitise work, update the drive and respond to work queries during this time. This is done over-and-above devising and implementing operational plans to ensure that when face-to-face learning resumes, our facility is safe and compliant. 



15 July 2020



Per regulation, our school may only run at 50% capacity to help comply with social distancing rules. Each class has therefore been split into a BLUE group and a YELLOW group; each group will attend school bi-weekly (every second week). Class split lists indicating which group your child is in will be sent to you by your child's class teacher. 



As mentioned above, learners will attend school on a rotational basis: one week the blue group, one week the yellow group. The calendar below indicates when each group will be attending school.



Principal's letter dated 13 March 2020 - click here

Principal's letter dated 16 March 2020 - click here

Principal's letter dated 25 April 2020 - click here

Principal's letter dated 3 July 2020 - click here

Principal's letter dated 4 August 2020 - click here

Principal's letter dated 23 October 2020 - click here

Newsletter 2020 01 - click here 

School Photographs 2020 - click here 

Operating Procedure for Containment and Management of Covid-19 for Schools (REVISED 18 August 2020) - click here 


​In light of the rotational basis in which learners will attend school (see COP), learning will still be supported online to accommodate for the weeks when your child is not at school. See below: 

1) Class Dojo - this remains the school's primary form of communication. If you are not registered on Class Dojo, please contact your child's class teacher. 

To download Class Dojo, click here

2) Google Drive - this platform is being used to distribute work during the national lockdown. Access to the drive will be provided by your child's class teacher via Class Dojo.  

Watch this short video to see how it works: 

3) Our Download-and-Go facility is operational. We understand that data is costly and so to assist we invite parents to access the google drive and download schoolwork by parking on our top field and making use of the school's network. This service will be available between 7am and 10am Monday - Friday. Strict safety protocols are in place. Please read more about this in the EOP.


Please download the document below for access to e-learning resources including relevant broadcasting times for educational content from the SABC.

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